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Streamlit Template Updated 2023

Mısra Turp
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Would you like to use Streamlit to create sleek looking front-ends for your data science projects?

Don't spend hours trying to bring together a working app. Download my Streamlit template and get started immediately.

In this template, we will:

  • ‍go over the commonly used Streamlit structures,
  • learn how to collect input from the user,
  • see how to import data,
  • learn how to customize the app,
  • have some examples on visualizing the data
  • use default and custom plotting options

The package includes:

  • Template code
  • Sample dataset
  • Instructions on running your application

UPDATED November 2022:

Now the template also includes advanced Streamlit features. You will learn how to integrate:

  • Multipage apps
  • Session states
  • Callback functions
  • Caching
  • Custom components (made by community)
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An organized codebase that has everything you need to build your first Streamlit app.

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Streamlit Template Updated 2023

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